Causeway makes applications better. We are committed to supporting WP and Outreach departments to improve their effectiveness by sharing the insights we have learned from our experience working as teachers in schools and from our research.

We run a range of CPD workshops but we are also available for bespoke training sessions, away days and induction training

As well as CPD sessions we can also support with framework development and impact measurement.

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Bespoke work

Developing frameworks

Progressive Frameworks

We were encouraging National Collaborative Outreach Programmes (NCOPs) early on to adopt frameworks to map provision and ensure sustained interactions. We have been responsible for several NCOP frameworks in a process that listens to the unique needs of a region/university.

Quality Frameworks

How do you measure delivery quality? How do you evaluate the quality of your work? Causeway have experience of designing frameworks and processes to ensure high internal quality.

Staff training

WP Staff

Ambassador Training

We are passionate about empowering WP practitioners to really reflect on the wider policy landscape to ensure their practice is the best it can be.

We have experience developing several university ambassador teams, including Oxford University and Aspire Higher.

Have a look at this case study.

Our feedback tells us we are good at:

  • Helping you discover the crux of the issue

  • Working out the personal values needed to solve issues

  • Putting in place easy-to-adopt solutions

  • Building good relationships with WP departments

  • Training both new and experienced staff members

Student Recruitment Teams

We have worked with recruitment teams to ensure they are up-to-date with application trends and resources to improve their delivery quality and confidence.


Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great way of monitoring what you are doing or researching possible future offers. It’s a great way of getting teacher voice or student voice into your offer.