[Causeway]’s research and sessions are excellent; not only do they know what works but they helped the students we work with implement their findings. Their delivery and resources are brilliant, I couldn’t recommend them more.
— Abigail Rowse, Nottingham University

Workshops designed to help students achieve their best destinations.

Causeway Education has been helping students to implement strategies to improve the quality of their applications since 2013.

The complexity of application processes provides an additional barrier to students, particularly those from under-represented groups applying for competitive courses. With clearly defined, practical guidance, students can be supported to produce more competitive applications and prepare themselves for the destinations that are best for them.

Unpacking a daunting task in such a concise manner helped alleviate any troubles concerning the LNAT. What’s more is their past experience and knowledge solved some of the myths that surround both parts of the application.
— David Glynn. Year 13 student at University of Leeds event

How it works

We have a selection of workshops that can be mixed and matched to create a full or half day event. We are also happy to discuss your needs, with bespoke content in mind.

To book, or for further information, please contact Katie at info@causeway.education


Workshops (75-90 mins each)

What can you expect from the session?


  • Students learn how to put together a competitive personal statement

  • Students engage with the latest research

  • Students find out what university academics really want from a personal statement

  • Students leave with a process to write a better personal statement

Planning an outstanding personal statement

  • Students gain a clear understanding of how to prepare for key admissions tests

  • Find out about the various problems that you may be faced with

  • Learn strategies that can be implemented into your preparation

How to prepare for admissions tests

  • Students gain a clear understanding about how to achieve exam success

  • Students leave with strategies to set goals, plan and structure their revision, reduce stress and maximise resilience

Exams: succeed in preparing – prepare to succeed!

  • Students develop a clear understanding of how to make informed decisions when replying to university offers

  •  Students leave with improved knowledge of the types of university offer they could receive, strategies to make informed choices and a clear idea of their next steps

UCAS: Making Decisions

  • Students gain a clear understanding of how to prepare for exam results day and how to make informed choices

  • Students leave with improved knowledge of the UCAS Clearing process & UCAS Adjustment Service

  • (This workshop can also include a section on how to use the summer holiday effectively. Students leave with knowledge of how to find opportunities such as work experience, volunteering and travel, plus strategies to plan and structure their summer holiday in preparation for university.)

UCAS: Next Steps

  • Students gain a clear understanding of the different courses available to them

  • Students explore the skills involved and their own strengths in relation to these, along with strategies to make informed choices

Making the right course choices

  • Students gain a clear understanding of student finance and what their options are

Student finance

  • Students gain a clear understanding of how to identify potential work experience placement

  • Students learn how to apply successfully for them and how to draw the greatest dividend out of the experience

Work experience: find it, secure it, get the most out of it

I really enjoyed the aspect of the workshop where the structure of the personal statement was explained. The table with skills (in the booklet) needed for each subject were also extremely helpful! Thank you so much.
— Student, Personal Statement Workshop, 2019