We often hear kind words from people we work with - whether they’re teachers, students or outreach teams. It’s great to know that, as well as the evidence that what we do works, people see the difference we can make to the lives of young people. Keep an eye out on Twitter every week for #FeedbackFriday, where we’ll share more comments.

Partnering with [Causeway] was a simple decision based on their understanding of the access landscape and their focus on impact.
— James Turner, Deputy Chief Executive, Education Endowment Foundation

We worked with a student from an underrepresented background in Essex, who decided to apply to Oxford having never considered it before mentoring from one of our Progression Specialists.

This note from the mentor is one of our highlights of the year.

"Working with [Causeway] has helped us make small but crucial changes to our UCAS process, and after just a few short sessions we feel confident that we are now giving students up-to-date advice about personal statements, and have a much better understanding of what admissions tutors are really looking for. The project has given teachers the skills and knowledge to write relevant, focussed subject comments for references, and we all feel confident that this year’s application cycle will result in better quality applications from our school. Students and teachers have all given really positive feedback on OSCAR and have found the subject specific skills and topic of interest sections are invaluable."

– Miriam Keith, Post 18 Transitions Coordinator, Morpeth Sixth Form London

The best teacher feedback I have seen in my career.
— Anne-Marie Canning, Director of Widening Participation, King’s College London

“Martin Lewis was [an] exceptional speaker and explained student finance to me in a way I would not previously have considered. I will completely change the way that I speak about this with students moving forward.”

– Attendee at our Partnerships for Change conference in 2018

“I have attended a fair number of similar events, and I felt the atmosphere, organisation and content ranked your day amongst my very best experiences and a worthwhile investment.”

– Attendee at our Partnerships for Change conference in 2018

“[Causeway’s] research and sessions are excellent; not only do they know what works but they helped the students we work with implement their findings.”

– Abigail Rowse, Nottingham University

I started teaching in 1982 … this is the single most useful thing I’ve taken part in as a teacher.
— Mark Morley-Souter, Clacton Coastal Academy

“Ali has been a dedicated, enthusiastic and skilful mentor to our students. He has a talent for making people feel at ease, and both students and staff have found him extremely approachable and easy to work with. Students commented that Ali’s approach was to start with a blank canvas, taking time to get to know them and encouraging them to consider multiple options rather than beginning with a pre-conceived idea of what might be a good outcome for them. He seemed equally at ease supporting high-achieving Oxbridge candidates as well as the less academic. A [student] told me that Ali gave her the confidence to write her statement, and that without his help and encouragement, she doubts she would have succeeded at the interview stage in a very competitive field. I believe it is this ability to instill confidence which makes Ali an outstanding mentor, particularly when working with less advantaged students. Ali is an excellent mentor in every respect.”

– Teacher on our Access Champions programme in Essex, on one of our Progression Specialists