We improve the life chances of young people by helping them find the right destination when they reach 18.

We support young people who don't get the help available to others to make good choices and strong applications and we give them scaffolded support through every stage of the process.

We increase their teachers’ knowledge, provide schools, sixth form and Further Education colleges with tools and resources and help them make lasting improvements to systems – so that whole cohorts of students, now and in the future, get better, personalised guidance, have increased expectations and the confidence and skills to navigate their post-18 journeys.

Everything we do is underpinned by in-depth research, monitored to make sure it is as effective as possible and shared with practitioners and other influencers.  

We intend to reach disadvantaged young people at scale. By supporting Causeway Education you will help to introduce Access Champions to all low-progression areas in the UK and to groups of young people who need specialist support, such as Care Leavers.

Your donation can help us to level the playing field for good.