In an independent study of students applying for a broad range of subjects from Law to Medicine, 100% of Academic Apprentices received at least one offer at a Russell Group university. A full research paper written by Dr Steven Jones was published by the Sutton Trust in January 2016.



  • Students follow subject-specific pathways developed by academics and teachers.
  • Students are paired with an expert mentor trained in applications.
  • Students supported throughout the admissions process particularly in the last, most decisive stages.

In detail

Programme research base

Dr Steven Jones' Sutton Trust report on the personal statement pointed to systematic disparities in the quality of personal statements written in the state and private sectors. The differing quality of applications had a significant impact on offer rates, despite the two groups of students achieving the same grades.

Boosting academic capital

The pathways are based around a set of structured activities which enable applicants to understand the subject they are applying for, to boost their academic suitability for specific courses, to analyse their reasons for wishing to study a subject and to evaluate effectively other curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Transition from school to university

The Academic Apprenticeship provides a significant opportunity for subject-specific enrichment. The programme has been proven to help the transition from school to university-level study. 95% of students felt the programme helped them to understand subject-specific forms of analysis needed to succeed at university level.